With over 20 years of collective experience, ARINA’s engineers and experts have a long way in project management and plant engineering. With tailor made solutions for each client, ARINA can produce many solutions for the following fields:

  • Project Management

Our experts in project management department have many tailor-made solutions for every plant configuration possible. Mutual understanding between us and the client has always been our main goal.

  • Outsourcing Management

With a wide network of suppliers, manufacturers, etc. throughout the world, ARINA can design the most cost effective and efficient outsourcing solutions.

  • Project Planning and Monitoring (time, resource, and cost)

It all starts with a tough idea your notebook. ARINA will pave the way for actualizing your ambitions and ideas and give the client a clear idea about how their project will be executed.

  • Project Scope of Work Definition

There are many layers to a project, and these layers can only be known through years of experience which ARINA’s experts have plenty of.

  • Project Engineering Integration

With the evident chain reactions all over a plant, the importance of the project’s engineering integration is undeniable. ARINA has numerous engineers in various disciplines which all unite for this goal.